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HOLTEK Launches New BA45F5660 RF Smoke Detector MCU

From: Date:2022-4-7

Holtek has launched a new Flash MCU BA45F5660 for smoke detectors that integrates smoke detection AFE, LED constant current driver, temperature sensor and low-power Sub-1GHz RF transceiver. It is suitable for applications that require RF networking smoke detection products, such as collaborative alarm smoke detectors and RF communication smoke detection alarms.

BA45F5660 has 16K×16 Flash ROM, 2048×8 RAM, 256×8 EEPROM, multi-channel 12-bit ADC, 16-bit Voice DAC, multi-function Timer Module, 2 sets of UART and 1 set of SPI/I2C communication interface. The built-in smoke detection AFE integrates the filtering and amplifying circuits required by Photodiode, and does not require any external components except Photodiode. The LED constant current drive circuit can provide two sets of maximum output currents of 360mA and 205mA, and the current can be adjusted in multiple stages. The built-in temperature sensor can adjust the sensitivity of the product according to the ambient temperature.

In the RF part, it is suitable for license-free ISM Band applications (315/433/470/868/915MHz) below Sub-1GHz. The IC integrates high-power PA, GFSK frequency synthesizer and digital demodulation functions, and simplifies the peripheral circuit. ETSI/FCC specification, programmable transmit power, up to +13dBm, high receive sensitivity -117dBm@2Kbps, ultra-low receive power consumption 4.2mA@433MHz, and maximum transmission rate up to 250Kbps.

BA45F5660 is available in 48LQFP-EP package. Compared with the previously introduced BA45F5640, BA45F5650 has larger Flash ROM and RAM memory space except for the same core smoke detection and RF circuit, which can meet the needs of more functional RF network smoke detectors. Detect product demand.

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